What is Orthodontics?

A specialty in the field of dentistry, orthodontics deals with the correction of teeth positioning as well as jaw alignment and other imperfections. Orthodontics works to treat issues that make keeping up with oral hygiene hard as well as beautifying the general look of a smile. A beautiful smile as well as teeth that are spaced properly and aligned correctly offer patients a great way to easily maintain clean, cavity free teeth, which is part of maintaining their overall health.



Early Diagnosis

Around 7 years of age, it is recommended that parents have their children evaluated by an orthodontist. This evaluation helps Dr. Haghighi catch any issues early on in the development process and can greatly improve your child's ability to have a successful course of treatment. At this age, it is often not a necessity to begin braces, but greatly minimizes the need for more a invasive treatment later on. 

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Adolescents & Teens

This age category is considered to be the optimal time period to seek treatment. With bones that are still growing, this age group generally experiences the quickest treatment times, if the instruction of the doctor is closely followed. Being a teen is hard enough, but with the options available for them, braces have become less and less noticeable. 

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With more choices than ever in creating a beautiful smile, research shows that the percentage of adult patients is increasing rapidly, so much so that almost 30% of patients are adults. With that in mind, traditional braces as well clear braces, clear aligners, and lingual braces offer adults the opportunity to enhance their smile without being self conscious of their appearance during the course of treatment.