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For many orthodontic patients, the ability to undergo treatment without visible appliances affecting their appearance is a priority. With clear aligners, available from Daryoush Haghighi, DDS. at Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell in Caldwell. New Jersey. you can display your smile proudly throughout treatment and remove your aligners to eat comfortably. To find out more about clear aligners, call Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell or book an appointment online today.

Clear Aligners

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are a modern form of orthodontic treatment requiring no metal. wire. or brackets. These components of traditional braces are often off-putting to potential orthodontic patients because they can cause irritation and affect your appearance. At Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell. Dr. Haghighi provides this treatment using high-quality 3M”” Clarity”‘ Aligners.

Clear aligners are designed using a digital scan of your teeth so they fit perfectly. Dr. Haghighi uses a 3-D scanner to create a 3.0 digital image of your jaw. teeth, and head. Using this image to predict your treatment progression, he creates a series of clear aligners that you will use in your treatment. Each aligner pushes your teeth closer toward perfect alignment.

Dr. Haghighi might recommend clear aligners if you have mild or moderate misalignment. They can treat

  • Overbite
  • Overjet
  • Open bite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Wide spacing
  • Crowding

If your teeth are severely misaligned, Dr. Haghighi might recommend a hybrid treatment using brackets or hidden braces before transitioning to 3M Clarity Aligners.

How do I use clear aligners on a daily basis?

Using your aligners is simple. Dr. Haghighi asks that you wear them for around 22 hours each day. You should wear them while you

sleep. while you work, and during your leisure time. However, you need to take them out when you eat. The only thing you can consume while wearing clear aligners is water.

After every meal, you should brush your teeth and clean the aligners. By doing this. you can be sure that food or bacteria doesn’t get trapped in your aligners that cart lead to cavities and other oral health issues.

3M Clarity aligners are highly durable and resistant to cracks and breakage. However, if you lose or break one of your aligners. you should call Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell right away.

What are the benefits of using clear aligners?

Choosing clear aligners over traditional braces and other orthodontic options has notable advantages. You might prefer dear aligners over other options due to:

  • Precise digital planning
  • Comfort
  • Transparency
  • Easy cleaning and care
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Fewer orthodontic check-ups throughout treatment

During the planning stage of your treatment. Dr. Haghighi wits you how long your treatment with clear aligners will take. As long as you follow all instructions for cleaning and daily wear. you’ll stay on track with your treatment and achieve a healthy bite.

To find out whether you’re a candidate for clear aligners. book an appointment by phone or online at Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell today.


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