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For many orthodontic patients, the ability to undergo treatment without visible appliances affecting their appearance is a priority. With clear aligners, available from Daryoush Haghighi, DDS. at Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell in Caldwell. New Jersey. you can display your smile proudly throughout treatment and remove your aligners to eat comfortably. To find out more about clear aligners, call Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell or book an appointment online today.

Digital Technology

What is digital technology?

Digital technology uses computers to streamline your dental treatments. making them faster. more efficient. or less painful. The state-of-the-art facility at Darius Orthodontia of Caldwell includes many of the latest technologies in dentistry for diagnosing malocclusions. planning treatment. and executing treatment.

Digital technology eliminates the need for traditional mold impressions, drilling, and other inconvenient traditional methods of care. Traditional methods like these often cause discomfort and are less precise than digital alternatives. Dr. Haghighi can tell you exactly how digital technology will make your treatment easier or better.

Which types of digital technology can aid in my treatment?

Dr. Haghighi regularly uses some of the most innovative technology available in dentistry. During your treatment process. he might use one or more of these devices:

Digital X-ray

A digital X-ray captures a picture of your teeth and sends it to a computer monitor. Digital X-rays produce less radiation than traditional X-rays. making them safer. Their images can help Dr. Haghighi identify unforeseen complications like impacted teeth and tooth decay that could affect your orthodontic treatment. The images are also clearer and easier to analyze than images from traditional X-rays.

True Definition’ Scanner by Midmark”

The True Definition Scanner scans your mouth and produces a perfect digital image of your teeth. This is far superior to traditional molds and impressions and offers Dr. Haghighi a highly precise way to plan your orthodontic treatment.

He shows you the digital images and manipulates them to produce a model showing how your treatment will affect your teeth. He might a/so use the scans to create clear aligners and other devices for your treatment.

How does digital technology make dentistry easier?

Digital technology offers an increasing number of benefits to the field of dentistry. After Dr. Haghighi explains the technology hell use in your treatment and the specific ways in which it makes the treatment easier. With an advanced treatment plan relying on technology, you might experience:

  • Less discomfort
  • Faster treatment
  • Better treatment outcome
  • Less radiation exposure
  • Fewer complications
  • Fewer dental appointments

Digital technology allows you to get an accurate idea of how your treatment will proceed and what the results will look like. Dr. Haghighi performs your treatment with as few steps as possible.

For more information about digital technology available in the orthodontist’s office. call Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell or book an appointment online today


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