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For many orthodontic patients, the ability to undergo treatment without visible appliances affecting their appearance is a priority. With clear aligners, available from Daryoush Haghighi, DDS. at Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell in Caldwell. New Jersey. you can display your smile proudly throughout treatment and remove your aligners to eat comfortably. To find out more about clear aligners, call Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell or book an appointment online today.

Cosmetic Dentistry

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the category of the dental field focused on malting your smile look its best. You might be born with a few cosmetic flaws. or they might accumulate over time as your teeth become discolored, stained. and damaged.

Even if your cosmetic issue has no impact on your oral health, you might desire a treatment to fix it for aesthetic purposes. Common issues that cosmetic dental treatments repair or conceal include:

  • Stains
  • Discoloration
  • Broken teeth Gaps between teeth
  • Teeth that are too long
  • Teeth that are too short

Chips and cracks

Enamel wear

Dr. Haghighi asks about your specific goals and what you’d like to change about your smile. He sits down for a consultation with you and helps you select appropriate cosmetic treatments for your imperfections. Then, he designs your treatment plan with one or more procedures to reach your goals.

Which dental procedures are considered cosmetic?

If you’re looking for a cosmetic improvement for your smile, you have several treatment options. Dr. Haghighi can help you design a comprehensive treatment plan to make your smile look even better before or after orthodontic treatment. At Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell, Dr. Haghighi offers these cosmetic dental treatment options:

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening es a simple and popular cosmetic dental procedure. Using professional bleaching products, Dr. Haghighi can lift stains from your tooth enamel and brighten your teeth to a whiter shade.

Minor fillings

Dr. Haghighi uses fillings to repair teeth after damage or decay. He can match the color of your filling to the exact shade of your tooth so others can’t tell the tooth was ever treated. The fillings are strong. durable. and unlike’s, to break or come loose.

What are the benefits of getting cosmetic dental treatments?

Cosmetic dental treatments don’t necessarily benefit your oral health. However, you might find that undergoing cosmetic dental treatments provides several benefits. Men and women opt for cosmetic dental treatments for personal, professional, and social benefits.

Having straighter, whiter. more attractive teeth provide a major boost to your self-esteem. You’ll feel more confident knowing that your smile has a positive impact on your overall appearance, and others will notice the difference. You might be more likely to go on dates, make new friends. or ask for a raise.

For more information on cosmetic dentistry and its results, call Darius Orthodontics of Caldwell or book an appointment online today


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